Employer branding strategies for women employees for organizational growth

Employer Strategies to Make Companies an Attractive Prospect for Women Employees

The world economy has been riding a high tide these past years yet one section of the population has lagged behind. Participation of women in the workforce has decreased by 10% in the last decade.

This comes at a time when research has shown that in the past decade companies’ bottom lines have benefitted as they recruit women employees and help them advance. And, following the active recruitment of women, there are additional benefits of lower turnover rates, improvement in organizational operations, etc. What can you do to make your company more appealing to this segment of talent? Here are some things to consider:

Allowing for Flexibility in Work

A flexible work schedule is a topmost priority in retaining female employees. However, this flexibility is not just a tagline to increase the percentage of female workers. True flexibility allows for every curveball, such as sick kids, teacher meetings and soccer games. The number of hours at the desk does not matter, the quality of work does.

Showcasing Women in Leadership Roles

Seeing women in leadership positions can be inspiring to entry-level and mid-level women. It shows them that their ambition of corporate success can be true. It is a chance to highlight that your company respects the opinion of a talented employee, no matter what gender they are. Strong female leaders can drive the company towards greater heights.

Ensuring Equal Pay

The gender pay gap throughout the world is 27%. Institute for Women’s Policy Research indicates that if a change continues to take place at the same pace, then pay equality can only be realized by the year 2059. However, you need results now, not in the far future. Ensuring that payment is made in return of skills and talent instead of gender will set you apart from the competition.

Sexism in the Workplace is a Big No

If you wish to attract talented women and retain their skills for the company, then you have to ensure their safety and comfort. Policies against discrimination and sexual harassment are in place in most companies, however, that is not all. Training employees to think before they act can keep unconscious biases and benevolent sexist behavior in check. And acting swiftly and punitively when these issues do arise means you mean what you say.

Balance in Life

Women wish to break conventions and rise to new heights, yet they are often expected to shoulder other responsibilities along with their work- home, family and relationships. Affording employees the luxury of time off through mandatory holidays and disconnecting over the weekends will ensure that work-life balance is achieved. Let your female employees know that you will guide them to the top, without making them break their backs.

Paternity Leave Promotes Equality

Gender equality is the demand that matters most for female employees. One way to practice gender equality is to offer a paternity leave policy. This policy will highlight that the company is committed to working women and implies that the burden of raising children is not the sole responsibility of the mother.

Issues that Drive Female Employee Retention

Companies need to be creative if they wish to retain and recruit talent. It is important to look toward the smaller, everyday issues that confront women and by removing them, empowering your female employees. Benefits such as onsite or subsidized childcare, project-based employment and paid leave make it easier for women to create a harmony between their work and personal life, without feeling guilty of neglecting one in favor of another.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous benefits to recruiting and retaining women– a wider field of talented employees, more engagement in the company, loyalty to the organization and much more. If you ignore half the population of the world, then you can be sure that you will only be successful by half.