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Employer Strategies to Make Companies an Attractive Prospect for Women Employees

26 June 2019 | Posted by Jody Ordioni

The world economy has been riding a high tide these past years yet one section of the population has lagged behind. Participation of women in the workforce has decreased by 10% in the last decade.

Employer Brand vs Talent Brand: Why the Difference Matters

27 May 2019 | Posted by Jody Ordioni

You might have used the term ’employer brand’ without being completely sure what exactly it means or how it differs from a ‘talent brand’. Learn why the difference matters?

The Ideal Predictive Model for Talent Attraction and Engagement

14 May 2019 | Posted by Jody Ordioni

In the ever-shrinking pool of global talent, organizations use their employer brand to attract and engage talent.