Brandemix Talent Brand Scorecard: Calculating your Employer Brand

Evaluate Your Candidate Experience

Compare Your Digital Employer Branding Against Those of Your Toughest Competition for Talent

Brandemix Talent Brand Scorecard will reveal the true measure of your employer branding efforts. It provides you with a detailed analysis of how you present your culture, employer value proposition and career opportunities throughout each step in candidate journey and most importantly, compares your efforts to those of your competitors.

Make sure you’re making the most of your recruitment marketing time and budget by creating a digital Employer Value Proposition that candidates will remember, identify with and be attracted to. One that will save you time, position you as an employer of choice and give you an edge when it comes to hiring top talent.

What is a Talent Brand Scorecard?

The Talent Brand Scorecard reveals the success of your recruitment marketing communications against those of your competition. This score is carefully calculated after a thorough audit of your digital presence and efforts. Any marketer will tell you that the right recruitment marketing strategy is the key to creating a meaningful candidate experience and boosting your apply rate. Calculating your talent brand is the key to success if you really want to stand out from your competitors and attract and retain right talent.

Brandemix's Talent Brand Scorecard will help you understand the user experience and the candidate experience. What are saying about your culture, your career opportunities? Your Employer Value Proposition? How is this different from other best-in-class companies? What is the yield from your social recruiting and how much engagement are you yielding from the time your spending on it? What should you be doing that you’re not yet doing, and what could you be doing better? This valuable primary research will help you move your employer brand and employer value proposition to a totally authentic talent brand and reach a new level of understanding.

Who is Behind the Ideation of Talent Brand Scorecard?

Jody Ordioni

Jody Ordioni

Jody Ordioni is an author of The Talent Brand and Chief Brand Officer at Brandemix, a marketing and communications agency that focuses on talent branding for business results - bridging the gap between marketing, advertising, internal communications and human resources. She had worked with top multi-national companies like Canon, Bayer and Shopko among others to revive company culture and reputation through employer brand marketing.

Jody had worked her heart out for Canon to improve company’s talent brand ROI. This helped the organization to create an authentic employer brand driving retention and engagement among the current employees. Her employer branding recruitment strategy of spreading awareness about the brand attracted a large talent pool to Canon. The employer brand metrics certainly improved for the company.

Why Does my Company Need it?

Every company will benefit from this valuable and unbiased look at the broad array of efforts that comprise your digital recruitment marketing efforts and feedback from employees and applicants.

Take a Deep Dive into the Candidate Experience

Get insights on how you’re presenting yourself to candidates across the vast array of criteria they look at when considering a new career opportunity. You’ll get a quick look at the barriers to your success and quickly uncover the areas of opportunity for you to stand out amid the competition.

Get a Better Perception

The Talent Brand Scorecard will provide you with great insights about how your company’s brand is unified externally and across multiple geographies. It is a comprehensive and covers multiple employer brand attributes that are important to candidates when looking for employers.

Be Ready to Reap Long-Term Benefits

You’ll receive a comprehensive and easy-to-understand presentation along with an executive summary containing tangible and actionable insights into your current efforts and compared to other companies of your selection.

This one-time investment will pay off immediately and in the long-term by helping you formulate a talent acquisition and recruitment marketing strategy that will be unified, consistent and best-in-class.

How Does it Work?

We take a closer look at your career sites, job opportunities, your digital and social recruitment marketing efforts and reviews to provide useful report on how you are promoting your company’s culture and career opportunities to potential candidates.
We look at all the data points a potential candidate might find while measuring your employer brand. We follow candidate’s journey and perceptualize how a candidate with minimal employer knowledge with perceive different factors while deciding about your company. A full-proof employer brand evaluation is done before calculating your employer brand index.
Revisit every 90 days

Kick Off

We will have a meeting to learn more about the talent brand insights you need, internal and external data sources you have and the companies you want us to audit you alongside of in your Talent Brand Scorecard.


The Talent Brand Scorecard will be presented to you after a detailed analysis of our findings and data we collected during the audit. You can easily show your Talent Brand Scorecard Executive Summary to all stakeholders in a clear, organized and well-presented summary.


We will conduct an unbiased audit to calculate your Talent Brand Score.


How we helped Canon to create an authentic Employer Brand?
How Abbvie shaped their employer brand with Brandemix?

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No, the Talent Brand Scorecard and Talent Brand Index are not the same terms. The Talent Brand Scorecard, sometimes known as an Employer Brand Scorecard will rate your employer brand and recruitment marketing efforts against those of your competitors and provide you with useful and actionable feedback and recommendations.


Measuring your Talent Brand will help you understand the candidate experience, the employer value proposition, the competitive landscape and how well your efforts are stacking up. You can then formulate employer branding strategies for improving your content and attractiveness as an employer.


The basic report will provide you with feedback on your efforts against five of your competitors. We will look at your career site content alongside theirs. We will measure their social recruitment activities and engagement against yours. We will look at review sites and see what employees and applicants are saying about your company alongside your competition. And we will combine all these into a single score.


The base price is $15,000 which includes the analysis of your efforts alongside 5 of your competitors.


Aside from your career website and those of your competitors, we look at social sites such as Linkedin, Glassdoor, Reddit, Indeed, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. We also do a search of terms across major search sites


The time period covered varies depending on the number of competitors but it is usually complete in 3 to 5 weeks.


In this external audit, we keep an eye on everything that people are saying about your organization as an employer and filter out anything not related to your employer brand.


No, we don’t use tools to research this data. All extensive research is done manually, and this is why our reports are accurate and in context to your employer brand.


The landscape is always changing, and new competitors, sites and technology are always coming into play. That’s why we recommend performing this analysis once every 18 months.